Jul 13, 2010

Decentralize Services

“Why is it everything is in Port-of-Spain and that is why I want to also make sure we have less people coming into Port-of-Spain, we have staggered hours of work, we have a priority bus lane on the highway where buses can now come on the highway at specific times and people can leave their cars at home and believe if a bus leaves 7am, it’s 7am.”

Yes Mr. Warner I agree with that statement... Why does everything have to be in Port of Spain? We need to decentralize the City and move as much as we can to other locations to decrease the traffic coming into the city.

The idea to move the operations of the PTSC to Caroni is a good one since it is a central location and the amount of room available for expansion is available. The facility in Port of Spain can then be better utilized with the bulk of the fleet located in the Caroni area. This is just a start and with the bus fleet centrally located access routes will not be congested in the city as the buses leave for various locations.

The next move is to ensure that the service is on time, on schedule and that people can rely on the bus service. The plan to have a priority bus lane on several highways will ensure that a large amount of people will move from point A to point B in the fastest possible time. Change is coming and with Mr. Warner in charge we can rest assured that it will be good.






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