Jul 24, 2010

Enough 'ole talk', arrest someone for the Heights of Guanapo Church Fiasco

If you commit the crime you will do the time. Enough with the posturing and arrest someone for the fiasco that is the Heights of Guanapo Church. 

It is apparent that with the filtering of the information handed to the press that the picture point to the fact that Town and Country did not give approval for the construction of the church but the construction went ahead all the same.

Stephen Mendes of Design Collaborative Associates Ltd has distanced himself from the project by submitting a letter to the office of the Attorney General. The letter, dated May 13, 2010, stated that Mendes was neither the applicant nor the agent in respect of any application to the Town and Country Planning Development on the church project.
"I therefore request that you direct all enquiries and communication in future to either the applicant or the owner," Mendes wrote. This quote is from the Trinidad Express article headlined "Call for Pena Probe". 

The land was never officially and legally transferred to Mrs. Pena, the spiritual adviser of then Prime Minister, Patrick Manning. We also know that the Chinese who came to the country under government contract were in the process of constructing the Church. It is apparent that Mr. Calder Hart using the powers of UDeCOTT was using the finances of the state to construct the church. What a mess. 

The then Prime Minister, Patrick Manning came out and stated the PM in the document could mean Project Manager and not Prime Minister to state that changes to the plans for the construction of the church did not come from the office of the Prime Minister. Look, it is about time they drag Mrs. Pena and the Chinese to a court and get them to state the facts. We need to know who was paying the Chinese to work at the site. If it was Mrs. Pena then we need to know where the financing for the project came from. Obviously she did not collect $30 million from her flock. If there was a loan involved then we need to know which bank granted the loan and what company or person secured the loan. 

We have had enough of the 'ole talk' with bits and pieces of information coming to the press to sensationalize the story. Get to the bottom of it and it state funds were used then arrest and jail the person or persons involved in this crime.






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