Jul 20, 2010

Former PNM Members Jump Ship

Former People's National Movement (PNM) appointed San Fernando Mayor Ian Atherly, who showed up on a People's Partnership platform last Friday to give an endorsement, said that he was excited by the new politics of the administration.

"I believe it is a new dawn and the administration will listen to the voice of the people and its local government representatives," he said.
Atherly said that he was inspired by government's response to suggestions for improving San Fernando.

"Joining Chancery Lane with the San Fernando Hospital and merging it into one will enhance the facility and provide better service to the people of southern districts," he said.
Atherly said the failure to implement improvement plans for the southern city has been frustrating under the former administration during his term as Mayor.
Atherly was Mayor for six years until 2006. He was replaced by Mayor Ken Ferguson.
The entire story can be read at this link via www.trinidadexpress.com

This is a difficult one to come to terms with as far as the honesty of the persons 'jumping ship' from the PNM to the platform of the PP government. This has been the case over the years but in the public eyes because of the upcoming local government elections.

Recently Mr. Jack Warner condemned the procurement of the catamaran vessel HSV Su for use as a water-ferry because the vessel never went into service. Martin Joseph, ex PNM MP was implicated in the procurement of the vessel but is now on board the PP platform. Does this mean that Mr. Joseph is now a 'hands off' regarding possible prosecution for wasting the taxpayers money?

Next we have Ian Atherly; former rejected Mayor of San Fernando who was asked not participated further by former PM Patrick Manning. He too has now 'jumped ship' and joined the PP platform. Should we take these people seriously? Do they really have the interests of the people at heart or are they simply looking to "reboot" and present themselves as viable entities in the political public domain? Should we trust these people?

It is always difficult to judge people on the surface without knowing the facts and how they truly feel about serving the interests of the people. The supporters of the PNM will not treat them well and we have already seen the PP embracing them with wide open arms. I don't know and will reserve judgment. After all they are citizens of the country and have a right to change their beliefs and political party. In the end the people will have the final say.

Isn't Trinidad politics 'nice' - I will say it again my channa (not popcorn) is ready for the electoral results... See you on results day!






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