Jul 12, 2010

Health Minister exhibits "Wajang Style" behavior

"We heard you, now shut up!"

Those were the words uttered by Minister of Health, Therese Baptiste-Corneilis while attending a meeting at Chaguanus. She interupted the speaker, "incumbent councilor Felisha Isahack to impose her power on the public" as reported in the Trinidad Express newspaper.

This is not a good sign and she needs to apologize for her behavior. We cannot accept this behavior from anyone especially from a party that wants to promote itself as a party for, of and by the people. This is totally unacceptable. 

The acting Prime Minister needs to advise the Minister of Health to apologize to the electorate. This behavior would have been vehemently condemned if it was done by a member of the People's National Movement. 

No Madam Minister we will not stand for this type of wajang behavior!






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