Jul 10, 2010

Licensing condition in Arima angers Works Minister|Trinidad Guardian

The acting PM said the majority of complaints received by customers related to the lack of customer service and the long period of time it took get a licence. He said he was concerned for the customers and employees who sit and work in poorly-ventilated offices and waiting rooms. Before Warner left, he addressed the employees and customers saying: “I want to apologise to you all for the state of this office.” Warner promised to improve and reform the Licensing Division to ensure effective customer service.

I know that Arima licensing office well. As a matter of fact I worked at the Ministry of Works in Arima when the office was constructed. It was and is a very simple construction that was welcomed - no longer did we have to head to Port of Spain to renew our driving permit.

Well that was more than twenty years ago. Well I guess the times have changed and the facility can no longer serve the needs of the community. We have to understand how things work in Trinidad first of all. It is a case of "if it isn't broke then leave it alone". Modernization came to Port of Spain and its environs but the basic needs of the people were neglected. No one complained to the authorities... Why? It is simple to understand... "We like it so".

It does not matter what political party you support because when it comes to service everyone has to undergo the same process - well unless you know someone who knows someone. Mr. Warner has been very proactive and with the drive he has surely we will see positive change. It is a shame that he came into office when the finances of the country are not in the best health. In any case we will see positive change and that my friends is what the Peoples Partnership is all about.

One must consider the changes coming in such a short period and measure it with all that did not happen during the tenure of the PNM. The focus of the PNM was elsewhere but the focus of this present administration must remain on the people. Make the lives of the people comfortable and provide services that can be easily accessed. No frustration and hours of waiting online. In such a scenario we need to continue to help by ensuring that Local Government supports the actions of Central Government. Yes just remember local government elections takes place this month. It is your civic duty to vote. Do the right thing.

Change is on the way Arima, change that will help relieve frustration and ensure that the process is accelerated. Support you government in its efforts to get things right. At the same time remember that the government has not been in office for just about two months. Be patient, positive change is about to replace long lines and the frustration people experienced while attempting to obtain basic services.






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