Jul 3, 2010

Listen to the music ... it is the beat and culture of our people!

I recently noticed something that bothered me... people on the outside appreciate the music and culture of Trinidad and Tobago a lot more that the people living on the island. That may sound strange taking into consideration that the music is created on the island but I tend to believe that this is a fact.

I know that most Trinidadians living overseas come to terms with the culture and yearn to hear more and more of it every day. These are the very same people who did not practice what they preach when they lived on the island... I am one of those persons!

The one thing I want to point out is that in Trinidad there is only  one radio station that is total local with its content and that is WACK Radio (www.wackradio901fm.com) broadcasting out of San Fernando. However, having said that, my idea for this post came because of an audio stream out of England - Radio Tempo. I have another blog that I have placed Tempo on auto play when you visit the site that is named D'Lime (www.dlime.blogspot.com). 

Now Wack deals with the music culture of Trinidad and Tobago at home and also provides the feed to the rest of the World via the internet. However, the music that is played is more representative of the current music available with the exception of certain segments that reflect on the music that placed Calypso on the World stage. However, the music of the Mighty Sparrow is not regularly heard. Isn't he the boss the king of the calypso world past and present?

Now Tempo on the other hand should be renamed Sparrow's music library. Every day several selections from the bard can be heard. I am amazed that this is done on a daily basis and in a foreign land. Indeed they are calypso and soca 24/7 without talk - Simply music.

So if you like listening to music from a time when Calypso was King and indeed you want to listen to the King of Calypso then listen to radio Tempo (http://www.temporadio.co.uk/) or simply hop on to D'Lime (www.dlime.blogspot.com) to listen to the feed. Tempo - The world's finest 24/7/365 Caribbean Soca music radio station!

Now I can't leave without saying that WACK is one of my favorite stations but WACK is more than just music. The personalities who are on air make WACK a special radio station. They know their stuff and they know the culture but because they struggle to get the recognition they deserve they have to provide programming that would help pay their bills. When Tempo is all music Wack's content is more that than just music.

If you simply want to listen to music then Tempo is your choice. If on the other hand you want to be entertained and learn about the people and culture of Trinidad and Tobago then Wack should be your choice. Just take my advice and place both stations in you favorite folder in your browser and do as I do depending on my mood. I switch between stations all day. 

Listen to the music ... it is the beat and culture of our people!






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