Jul 16, 2010

Ministry targets 21,000 homes|Trinidad Guardian

Mosquito infestation|Dengue Fever 
The Ministry of Health’s Insect Vector Control Division will spray 21,083 homes nationwide over the next eight days. According to a statement from the ministry, the spraying will begin today and will continue until July 23. .The ministry said particular emphasis would be also be placed on the treatment and spraying in communities where there had been clusters of dengue cases and high infestation of the aedes aegypti mosquito.

I am absolutely certain that if Local Government was functioning properly we would have been in a better position today regarding the mosquito infestation and the fear of dengue fever spreading.

I remember as a youth growing up in the Arima area that we had regular visits from personnel from the county council who would come in the properties in the villages and inspect for areas that mosquitoes could lay their eggs. They would spray the areas regularly and this was done manually. The agents came with tanks on their backs with a pump spray to effectively deliver the agent to destroy the mosquito larvae and eggs.

The erosion of the effectiveness of the county councils contributed to the decrease of services and the eradication of this job position. Then came the foggers but it appears that the effectiveness of this method is not as good as agents going from yard to yard inspecting and spraying to eradicate this problem. Those who had latrines were given an oil to pour into the pits. Now we have flushing toilets but the mosquito issue is now a contentious issue with people dying from the infections.

I do hope that with local elections coming soon that we can see change that would hand over power and services with the financing to ensure that local government becomes effective once again.

Every vote counts go out and vote and vote to ensure that your village gets effective representation. I would like to see the PP take control of the corporations but local representation is very important. Ensure that your representative had the fires needed to represent your interests and not that of any political party. Make your vote count!






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