Jul 14, 2010

National debate on local govt July 22|Trinidad Guardian

The People’s Partnership and the People’s National Movement have agreed to participate in a national debate on the role of local government.

A release from the T&T Debates Commission said the the agreement was made yesterday between the groups and the commission. The Debates Commission is a project of the T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce and is an independent, impartial and a non-profit entity.

The debate will take place on July 22 at 8.30 pm and would be broadcast live on national television and radio. As a result of a coin toss, the People’s Partnership would lead off answering the first question, the release said. Two representatives of each group will debate the subject: “Is the public correct in its view that local government serves no purpose except to consolidate or undermine the interest of the political parties?

Now we have government in action. When the ruling party and the opposition works together to achieve a common goal then that is one government (ruling party and opposition) working together to improve the conditions in the country.

If at the end of the day there is consensus and the common plan to move Local Government forward then the goal was set and achieved. This PP government is doing the right thing and one should take note that this was not  the case with the former administration of the Patrick Manning administration. There was talk and more talk and delays in the process that resulted in the postponement of local elections for years.

Now we are having local elections and coming on the heels of the elections discussions to ascertain the role and functions for the local government bodies as the country moves into a brave new future.

I applaud the actions of the PP government and wish all the candidates' success in the upcoming general elections. I am a supporter of the PP government but the voice of the people will determine the outcome of the elections not the ranting of anyone in the blogosphere.






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