Jul 14, 2010

News Watch|Trinidad and Tobago

No more $$ for off shore vessels|Trinidad Express

Hey what is $5 Billion? No big deal... well for the PP government it is now a big headache and one that was termed a black hole by the Prime Minister. We are caught in a contract that we have to live up to' but at the same time and it was correctly articulated by the Prime Minister that we may have to get some form of compensation: 
"I don't think we can get out of it—it is they might have to pay us some money. The suppliers may have to pay us some money and that is what we are looking at—if we had a contract and you agreed to deliver by X date and X date has come and you say Y, P and Q and you reach B and C and we still can't get it then some kind of liquidated damages will have to be paid for that breach of contract in terms of delivery. There's a decision we have to take as to whether we take our liquidated damages and run or give them some more time."

Bakr properties for auction block|Newsday

According to a report in Newsday the Attorney General Anand Ramlogan intends to recover the $32 million awarded as damages to the State from the Jamaat al Muslimeen for the failed 1990 coup.

I am sure we will be hearing from Mr. Abu Bakr soon. The award to the State was made last September by High Court Justice Rajendra Narine. This was done after the Privy Council (final court of appeal in England) blocked attempts by Mr. Baky to avoid paying the money. 

This move by the Attorney General will not sit well with Mr. Bakr. Keep an eye on this matter as it is fraught with conflict. Mr. Bakr will open some deep wounds that will have the name of the former Prime Minister (Mr. Patrick Manning) and members of the former UNC Government in events that will lead to what I will now call "kankalang news to come".

Beckles calls for high voter turnout|Guardian

65 percent turnou or bust. PNM senator Pennelope Beckles is seeing the glory days of the PNM coming back with the upcoming local government elections as the measuring stick. She expects that the PNM will retain control of the Arima Borough, Port-of-Spain and Sangre Grande. Of course the PNM expect to retain control of the 9 Corporations they control presently. 

The PNM is behaving like all is well in PNM land even though we are reading about questionable contracts and mismanagement of the country's finances when they were in office. The race has started and the ole talk is already making headlines. 

After this election we will have an idea about the future of the PNM and the current leadership that was recently installed. I am curious but we will see what the people are thinking. Things change overnight in Trini land and that is what Mrs. Beckles may be hoping for at this time. She expects the voters to put on their blinders and forget the mismanagement and put them back in office to butt heads with the PP government and stall local government. It is important that we put people in place to work with the current government to move local government forward - to make it work on behalf of the people once again. Do you, as a voter, believe that the PNM will be able to make it work?






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