Jul 21, 2010

OUTRAGE|Trinidad Express

The headline is in uppercase and bold font to emphasize the ridiculous state that the previous administration put our country in today - OUTRAGE!

The Rahael Construction Group "amassed over $1 billion" in cost overruns on various projects awarded to it by the State, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan said yesterday as he zeroed in on companies associated with the family of PNM campaign manager John Rahael as stated in the Triidad Express article.  Is this outrageous? Yes it is but in Trinidad and Tobago most Trinidadians would simply say, "No big deal, all ah dem is thief". Did you get that? They simply don't care and will put on their blinders and vote for the same corrupt bunch of people all over again. 

The verdict is out on this present administration and we cannot use the same brush to paint the same picture. They are say the right things but we need to see action. This action should be in the jailing of some of these people who allowed this waste to take place and according to Trini talk, "bet yuh bottom dollar somebody have monies stashed away in some foreign bank".

Recently I asked a friend why does he still support the PNM after all the reports coming out in the newspapers are pointing to serious corrupt practices in the previous administration. He is PNM to de bone and remarked (you guessed it), "all ah dem does thief". This man owns a well know business in the country and should know better - 'what ah shame'!

In my estimation there will be an OUTRAGE if this government does not jail some of these people for these corrupt practices. There will be OUTRAGE (on my part) if the PNM should win control of local government and if the PP does not do something about all of this corruption then next election will be hell for them. It will not matter how much good they do, how many roads they fixed, improve traffic, decentralize Port-of-Spain, produce more and cheaper foods, improve the lives of the people or even ensure that Local Government functions properly. None of those things will matter. They will say look, we have been accused of so many things yet still no one was jailed - It was all a lie simply to get into office. 

So it is very important that we jail some of those corrupt people and, by the way, ensure that the Project Manager (PM) faces the music for the Heights of Guanapo scandalous affair (thought I forgot eh). It has only been two months my friends, hang on it will only get better. Improvements will surely come but so too will the truth that so many of you seem to be in denial about... Channa time (as in popcorn night but Trini style)!
Information sourced from "Outrage" in the Trinidad Express and can be read in its entirety here: OUTRAGE!






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