Jul 27, 2010

Peoples Partnership mash-up the PNM at the polls once again!|Local Government Elections

Peoples Partnership 11, PNM 3
"Well ah go park meh PP any place, any place..." The Peoples Partnership swept the local elections in Trinidad by taking 11 of the 14 regions contested. It appears that the PNM held on to Port of Spain, Point Fortin and San Juan/Laventille. 

This was a continuation of the General Elections that saw the PP winning 29 seats and the PNM taking 12 seats and in the process wrested governance from the PNM. Now they will take control of Local government and will not have any excuses while getting the job done at the local level. 

There were 2 cities, 3 Borough councils and 9 regional corporations up for grabs on Monday. The results are in and even Dr. Rowley conceded defeat early at 9:00 pm at Baliser House. Now that the Baliser has wilted and was not able to rally the troops it is time to move on. Lick your wounds and come again because this is now behind us. The election is over and it is time for the Peoples Partnership to stop the 'gallerying' and govern with conviction. Just do it... Get the job done!






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