Jul 22, 2010

PNM purges ‘traitors’ from the party|Newsday

The People’s National Movement is on a campaign to purge itself of what deputy political leader, Orville London, called traitors of the party.

PNM political leader, Dr Keith Rowley, was more pointed in his attack, naming former PNM La Horquetta/Talparo MP, Roger Joseph who recently declared his allegiance to the People’s Partnership.

Both men were present at the presentation of candidates for the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation at a public meeting held Tuesday night at the Exodus pan yard, Tunapuna.

The entire article can be read via this link at  www.newsday.co.tt

This is nothing new... People change sides and change their minds on a daily basis, it is just human nature. If we should think that someone should remain faithful to a cause, a marriage or a political party simply 'because' then we are doomed to failure because people need to adapt to the world they live in to get the best out of it... To be the best they can be. What should take place is that we should wish them well on their future endeavors instead of calling them traitors.

I know that a case can be put forward to defend the 'purging of dissidents' or those who no longer wish to support the same cause but why look at it in such a manner? When these people leave it opens the door for someone else who could very well be a better fit for the political party. As a matter of fact the moving of people between the lines bodes well for our democracy. However we need to act responsibly when dealing with this movement. Here we have one party waiting with open arms while the other is happy to get rid of the same people.
What is wrong with this picture? What would have been the statements if we saw the movement going the other way? Maybe this may be the same scenario years from now when the people get fed up with the current administration for some project that smells of corrupt activity.

In time to come we may move beyond these simple dealings and project a higher ideal that would make people stop and remark that it was a mature stance taken by "my political party" and in principle I will continue to support them even though we had problems that led us to this position in the first place.






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