Jul 26, 2010

Promise of safe elections or a fear of trouble to come?

Police promise safe elections|Trinidad Guardian Newspaper
Police officers will be out in full force from as early as 4 am today to ensure there are no disruptions during the local government elections. Deputy Police Commissioner Stephen Williams gave the assurance yesterday, saying the police were fully prepared for any eventuality. “We have prepared for the worst...We didn’t prepare for anything less than the worst, because if something happens we would be in a position to deal with it,” he said. “We definitely don’t want to be caught off guard.”

It is a good sign that the protective services are putting the pieces in place to ensure that there are no 'disruptions' in the voting process in today's local government elections in Trinidad. However, this make me wonder if this is simply the process due or does it have to do with the threats made on the life of the Prime Minister due to the impending auction of the Muslimeen properties tomorrow.

This auction can create problems that the country does not need at this time. We have had free and fair elections that have resulted in a change of government by peaceful means. In 1990 the Muslimeen attempted to take control of the government by force and held the country captive and the government under siege for six days. As a result of court cases and the ruling of High Court Justice Rajendra Narine the State was awarded damages in the amount of $32 million to the State. The auction of the properties is to recover the monies awarded since the Jamaat does not have the money to pay the State.

Most people don't believe that the Jamaat al Muslimeen will sit idly and allow this sale to take place or allow the winning bidders to take possession of the auctioned properties. Many have said that whoever bids and wins those properties are chancing faith. The government has already stated that if the properties are not sold that they will take control of the said properties and put them to use. There will be great unease in the country as this process takes place. We can only hope for an outcome that benefits all.






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