Jul 9, 2010

Skullduggery launches for Carnival 2011|Trinidad Express

Patrons who attended the launch of Skullduggery, Peter Samuel's presentation for Carnival 2011 at The Anchorage, Chaguaramas last Sunday were treated to music that defined an era. While it was not advertised as a "back in times" party, the event had that feeling.

With music by provided by Charlie's Roots, 3 Canal and several DJs throughout the evening patrons just could not stop dancing. Roots kicked off their session with Kerwin Trotman and Natalie York on vocals.
It truly was Roots of the 80s with Trotman performing former Charlie's Roots vocalist Christopher Tambu Herbert hits like "Free Up", "This Party is It" and "No No We eh Going Home".

Trotman did not leave listeners to reminisce only about the past. His set included this year's Road March "Palance", Yorke also performed what seems to be the most popular song in the world at present "Waka Waka" to the delight of the patrons.

Carnival is in the air with the launch of Peter Samuel's Skullduggery. This launch had had me thinking about Peter Minshall for some reason. I have not anticipated a Carnival presentation with such interest except for days when Minshall was boss. Well let's hope that the designs live up to the hype and that the story told brings the presentation to life. This is a big presentation and one to look forward to seeing on carnival day.

The names Peter Samuel, Charlie's Roots, 3 Canal and the DJ's on hand are a good indication that only the very finest ladies will be parading on the street for carnival 2011. There is hype and with it comes the expectation that the presentation will draw the masses at home but especially from Trinidadians living overseas. This is one to watch... King Carnival reigns supreme.






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