Jul 31, 2010

That’s my plan says Imbert|Trinidad Guardian

“Research also showed text messaging reduced a person’s attention span to the same level as if you had had two drinks,” Imbert added. “I’d thought it best to ban all cellphones. At some point Warner will have to acknowledge he didn’t just dream this plan up and where he got it.”

Well Mr. Imbert here is the difference the Peoples Partnership will not hesitate to implement the law. If it is true that you announced this plan since 2007 and your government never implemented the law just think about the lives lost because of your governments in action.

Obviously the PNM will say that they were doing the research before attempting to implement the proposed law - all well and good. However, this is the same reasoning that was given for not having local government elections... Just look at what the PP government has done. There will be a fine of $5,000.00 and if you can't or don't want to pay then there can also be a penalty of two months in jail with hard labor (and a meeting with some very unsavory characters)

Action and inaction... Jack Warner is called action Jack and for good reason. Mr. Imbert your government is out of office and for good reason.






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