Jul 26, 2010

"We have Jack on our side man, We cyar go wrong"|Chaguanas Speaks, Trinidad Express

Today the people of Trinidad in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago will go to the polls once again but this time to vote for the representatives for local government. The people of Tobago vote in the Tobago House of Assembly elections. The local government elections in Trinidad have been long overdue and with 14 municipalities up for grabs (2 cities, 3 boroughs and 9 regional corporations) both parties are hoping to make a statement at the polls today. The Peoples Partnership is hoping to reverse the current status that has the Peoples National Movement in control of 9 of these entities. The PNM on the other hand is hoping that the re-branding of  the party now under the stewardship of Dr. Keith Rowley will be enough to hold on to the present situation and even to wrest a few others currently held by the UNC.  

Just last Friday the PP that is now in control of the government held a motorcade that passed through Chaguanas, Morvant and Laventille with the final destination at Picadily on the Greens, Picadilly Street in Port-of-Spain. The Trinidad Express Newspapers conducted a survey of the people in the area and it appears that the majority of people in the area are in favor of the Peoples Partnership taking control of the Local Government entities.

The notoriety of Mr. Jack Warner and the feeling that he can get anything done led one man to remark, "We have Jack on our side man, we cyar go wrong". It appears that Mr. Warner is the man who people believe can solve all the problems in their districts. He has answers and is always able to bring about some form of relief for the people and the issues they face. The faces or this Peoples Partnership is that of Kamala Persad Bissessar and Jack Warner. They appear to be the 'magic' formula that is driving this ship. On the other hand we have the leader of the COP Mr. Winston Dookeran quietly playing his role but not in the media light as are the stars of the party.

Today our people go to the Poll and it will be a nervous day for the rival PNM that is wary that another loss at the poll does not bode well for the will of the party. People have a tendency to side with winners and it is the Peoples Partnership that appears to be in favor of the public support. These are difficult times for the PNM and another loss at the polls today will not be a good sign to encourage people to become a part of the party once again.

The Peoples Partnership will have to implode to ensure that the PNM returns to office. If the Partnership continues to bring relief and moves the country forward then for many years to come it will be "guava season for the PNM".

Please go out and vote; it is you right. It is your civic duty to act, to make the changes that will affect the things that matter to you. We no longer want to hear, "we like it so". Vote and effectively bring about the change that you want.

Information sourced from the Trinidad Express Newspapers. The article that appeared in today's Express can be read at this link: via www.trinidadexpress.com






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