Aug 29, 2010

The hanging debate|Trinidad Express Newspapers

The recent spate of murders in Trinidad and Tobago has reignited the death penalty debate. Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner has called for hangings to resume. And several religious leaders, including Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) president Imam Hajji Abzal-Mohammed and Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha secretary-general Satnarayan Maharaj, are also in support of the death penalty, once our laws allow it. In Thursday, Express Online was in downtown Port of Spain.

Everyone has their opinion regarding the return of the hangman to Trinidad and Tobago. In my humble opinion  the return of the hangman will not stop people from committing murders period...

Just think about it for a moment and consider one innocent person being hanged because the system failed to get to the truth. That would be a disaster and something we could not fix ever (an innocent life would be gone forever).

Execution by the State would lessen the burden to keep people behind bars for life and the system will need to grow with dwindling resources to accommodate, guard and service these inmates. There are many reasons to return to the hangman for and against. However the debate as it is today seems to be mired along the lines that a return to hanging will somehow cause criminals to stop committing murders. If someone is going to kill then they will...

Not every person murdered is premeditated murder. What happens when someone defends their family or property and a life is lost. Or in a moment of passion this horrible crime is committed.... What should we do hang these people?

It appears that the drive is to hang and I believe that they will do it sooner than later... the verdict is out and this will remain a contentious issue. God help us all!






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