Aug 11, 2010

Rains trigger landslide outside Manning’s home|Trinidad Guardian

Heavy rains have triggered a massive landslip outside the bedroom window of former prime minister Patrick Manning.Loose dirt and chunks of the broken wall were seen clogging the drains outside Manning’s home at Sumadh Gardens, Vistabella. Manning declined to comment about the problem. Sources in the area said, however, that the wall collapsed after heavy rains on Monday afternoon.

The following appeared as a comment to the article in the Trinidad Guardian Newspapers and was submitted by "The Prince":
"Poetic justice. Manning's megalomania and his penchant for squandering the people's patrimony on skyscrapers and monuments for laundering corruption instead of fixing and upgrading the country's collapsing infrastructure are largely to blame for much of the avoidable flooding, not that selfish citizens are not to share in the blame, nor that there will never be some flooding in extreme weather. Manning should suffer the fate that so many thousands of citizens have undergone so that he could be humanized and see what his years of neglect, negligence and upside-down priorities have subjected the people to."

Source for this story (and photo) came via

Choops Man!
I have to say Steups, Cheups and Choops to the Trinidad Guardian and to "The Prince". First off let's take a peek at the the Guardian article. That was not "a massive landslip" and the photo clearly shows that it was just an ordinary landslip. I have seen worse along the Blanchieusse road leaving Arima heading to the North coast. This was just a filler story that was posted because it happened close to the home of ex Prime Minister Patrick Manning. The only good thing about the story is that CEPEP workers came and got the cleanup job done quickly - way to go...

Now let's take a look at the commentary of "The Prince". Hey I supported the PP during the elections and do rib my PNM friends at time (we understand that we are just teasing... nothing comes of it) but to consider this petty landslip "poetic justice" is a bit too much. In hind sight we can say that the previous administration did not do enough in many areas that were necessary. The lack of dredging of the rivers and clearing of the streams and the construction projects that destroyed the natural filtration that could have helped ease the flooding can be noted as areas where they lacked initiative to get it right. But come on... this is nature and when the heavens opened and it poured tears of drowning sorrows no one saw this problem hitting us this hard. It is not only Trinidad experiencing this problem with flooding so take it easy on the ex Prime Minister... Please.






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