Aug 7, 2010

Think "We" not "I" and this too shall pass!

Stench of rotting animals|Trinidad Express Newspapers
Fourteen dogs belonging to a breeder drowned during Monday's floods that submerged much of Charles Street, Gasparillo.

The dogs were among thousands of animals that died when the river in the community overflowed.
There was a stench of death in the village of Macaulay yesterday, from the decomposing carcasses of farm animals and poultry.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Surujrattan Rambachan, who toured the area yesterday, said he contacted the drainage department to send excavators and backhoes into Macaulay because "a serious health hazard could occur".

He said one flood victim "lost 5,000 heads of chicken".
"Another who was just beginning to make a living with goats lost all, and a man lost 14 high-breed dogs."

At Garth Road, Princes Town, residents complained of an infestation of snakes and cockroaches.
At Scale Road, Williamsville, one of their the worst-affected areas, victims asked for help to rid the area of mosquitoes and cockroaches.

Akash Manickchand, councillor for the Ben Lomond/Hardbargain/Williamsville district, said officers from the Social Services and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) were assessing the area and garbage trucks would be passing as usual.

This is the new challenge that the government and people have to face in the aftermath of the flooding that destroyed property and transportation infrastructure. The danger lies with the dead animals and disease that would follow if these carcasses are not disposed of properly and quickly.

The country was already reeling from the dengue problem and now with this disaster the problems could worsen and very quickly. The state will provide assistance and the government has already been proactive with its support. However, the citizens need to form teams and comb the villages for decaying carcases and bury them.

Parents need to ensure that their children don't go and play in muddy areas or investigate and unusual 'creature' that they see. There are snakes, scorpions and other dangers out there that could kill these inquisitive children.

We have received a 'wake-up call' from nature and we need to be better prepared for more of the same. Infrastructure nationwide needs to be improved and this will take time but all citizens can lend a hand and ensure that they don't do anything that could clog or lead to problems with the drains that take the waste water to the main drainage areas.

This too shall pass and we will rise and conquer these setbacks. Keep the faith and remember to always think "We" and not "I".






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