Sep 2, 2010

'Hang them in The square'|Trinidad Express

Criminals who are faced with the death penalty should be hanged in Woodford Square, says Minister of Justice Herbert Volney.

Volney was speaking to the Express yesterday, after arriving in Tobago for the People's Partnership's four-day workshop.

Volney said he is back to work and "ready to kick ball" after undergoing heart bypass surgery in June.

Questioned on the death penalty and whether he supported it, Volney said, "I am not opposed in principle to hanging persons, but it has to be in respect to brutal and heinous crimes."
He said sometimes there are crimes of passion and he does not believe a person should be hanged for this. Persons who kill a child, an elderly person, a police officer or prison officer, he said, should be hanged.

Works and Transport Minister Jack warner was the first Government Minister to start lobbying for the resumption of hangings. In fact, Warner has been able to get Attorney General Anand Ramlogan to set up a committee to look into the issue of resuming hangings.
However, not all party members are in favour. Most recently, Minister of trade and Industry Stephen Cadiz said he was not in favour of returning to the hangman. Before him, social activist Verna St Rose Greaves also said she would consider leaving the party if her Government resumed the practice.

Yesterday, Volney was very vocal about hangings, saying they should be a public affair.
"Persons should be hanged in Woodford Square, 6 or 7 a.m. in the morning. The people should see the hangings take place, they need to feel the fear of God and have fear for the law," he said.

Not so fast Mr. Volney...
In as much as we need to send a message to the criminal element in order to prevent some of these heinous crimes, I wish to remind all concerned that we live in a civilized society. To resume hangings is one thing but to voice the opinion that the hangings should take place so that the public could see a person's life come to an end is something that we read about taking place in other parts of the world.

Now hold on just one minute Mr. Volney.... The majority of the population is not at war with the government. It is a very small sector of the society and we cannot allow ourselves to become as uncivilized as these people. When that happens we are just as guilty!






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