Feb 22, 2010

WACK & Gayelle say 'We Not Taking Dat!'


Feb 18, 2010

Road March Winners JW & Blaze 2K10


Dynamic radio personalities Jason ’JW’ Williams and Ancil ’Blaze’ Isaac have created double history by being the first disc jockeys to win both the International Soca Monarch and Road March titles.
JW and Blaze’s 2010 hit ’Palance’ was played a total of 417 times on Carnival Monday and Tuesday at the Queen’s Park Savannah’s main judging point, according to a tally conducted by the National Carnival Commission yesterday.
Now that the Palance DJ's have taken care of the Trinidad scene do you think that their palancing would have an impact on Vinci-Mass? 
If you don't know it Carnival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is celebrated from June 27 to July 7 and is popularly known as Vinci-Mas. Let's see if the dynamic duo will have the same impact in St. Vincent like they did in Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival 2K10. 

Feb 17, 2010

Panday to form his own party

What kind of nonsense is this? The link above indicates that it is a possibility that Basdeo Panday and his supporters are in the process of forming a new political party that would keep him unchallenged as the leader of the opposition in Parliament.
I do understand the process but this is the same man who indicated that he would abide by the results of UNC's internal elections (of course this was said with the belief that he was going to win). This entire process should be very interesting but Mr. Panday should do the honorable thing and step aside.
Mr. Panday will ruin all that he has done politically if he chooses to follow this path simply to hold on to the position of Opposition leader in Parliament. If he achieves this goal then politics will be a mess and the PNM will be back in control. A divided house is doomed to fail!

Feb 9, 2010

WACKy Tuesday Is Here!

This is it! No this is not Michael Jackson's revival taking place today but the day for all the WACKy enthusiasts to sit back, relax and see their favorite Wack radio personalities come out and play. No not play music but endeavor to be 'calypso-like' singers.
This is the fourth year of this show/competition and one thing holds true - to date there has only been one champion and that is "The Mighty Chicken Foot Souce". Oh, and if you have been living in a vacuum, we are talking about, on air personality and entertainer extoraodinaire Damion Melville. Do you believe that he can pull it off again? Well we will have the answer later today.
Something to look for today - will Deso (Desmond) really sing? Deso has boasted that he will take the crown this year but I am going with a 'dark horse' for the competition tonight. I have this feeling that Heshimu will pull it off tonight if he is serious and does not come simply to have fun - he is that talented. 
The CEO will be beaten by Deso unless he sabotages the music. I understand that the manager of the station would be singing tonight - Lady JS now has competition for her place in the final outcome tonight. 
All I can say is log in to the feed at www.wackradio901fm.com and watch the show. Oh and yes, prepare yourself for many surprises.

Feb 2, 2010

National Panorama Semi Finals Results for 2K10

Once again the Savannah was on fire with Pan in Yuh Pwefen! Sweet pan as Trinidadians like to say and it was one that was full of the usual 'ole talk and bacchanalia' that is the norm for barrel lovers. The judges never know what they are doing but are always right when "my band" makes it to the big stage. This will never change. However, most people don't realize or simply don't want to accept the fact that the people judging the steel band music have always been right with the final results. Simply because we "find that the music sounded sweet" does not mean that the band scored well in the judging categories that the judges are marking on the score sheets. Indeed, the judges decisions are final (so be it) but the fact remains that  every Trinidadian feels that he/she knows better resulting in a barrage of reasons to scratch our heads. We need to understand that the judges really respect the art form and will always do their best to give a fair assessment of the performance. Indeed we all have our biases but I believe that the professionalism of these people supersedes their prejudices ensuring just results.

Here are the results of the semi finals that took place on Sunday.
Ten (10) steel orchestras in each category will move to the next round in two separate Finals (bands in blue move on to the finals)
Large Bands:
1 Petrotrin Phase 11 Pan Groove Pan Army 277
2 PCS Silver Stars Battle Zone 273
3 TCL Group Skiffle Bunch Pan On Fire 272
4 Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars Large Is Large 266
5 Solo Harmonites Smooth Sailing 260
5 WITCO Desperadoes Musical Magnum 260
5 Caribbean Airlines Invaders Tell Dem 260
8 NLCB Fonclair Rewind 259 9 rbtt Redemption Sound Setters Pan On Fire 258
10 bp Renegades Battle Zone 257
11 T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps Battle Zone 256
12 Sagicor Exodus Pan in the Mas 255
13 Starlift Pandemic 254
14 Pamberi Sweetness 242
14 Our Boys Something Special 242
16 Petrotrin Siparia Deltones Pavement 238
17 Birdsong Vibes of a Mad Man 235

Medium Bands:
1 Steel Xplosion Radica 270
2 Valley Harps Battle Zone 269.5
3 NLCB Buccooneers Surrender 267
4 Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille Surrender 266
5 Katzenjammers Lightning Strikes Twice 263
5 Curepe Scherzando Battle Zone 263
7 Carib Dixieland Somewhere In Tobago 260
8 Couva Joylanders Smooth Sailing 257
9 CLICO Sforzata Wild & Free 254
9 West Side Symphony Somewhere In Tobago 254
11 Alutrint La Brea Nightingales Surrender 250.5
12 Tokyo Vibes of a Mad Man 249
13 Pan Elders I Come Out To Play 248
14 Arima Angel Harps Smooth Sailing 247.5

Small Bands:
1 Laventille Serenaders This Melody Sweet 267
2 Merrytones Pan War 260
3 Crescendoes Musicale Pan War 255
4 Golden Hands Dingolay 253
4 Arima Golden Symphony Smooth Sailing 253
6 Tamana Pioneers Pan On Fire 250
7 Tornadoes Battle Zone 248
8 Panosonic Connection Pan On Fire 241
9 Fascinators Pan Symphony I Music 239
9 Codrington Pan Family Pandemic 239
11 Flamingoes Battle Zone 232
12 Antillean All Stars Musical Fire 229
13 Longdenville Claytones Battle Zone 226
14 TIPICA Spreading Hands 225





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