May 31, 2010

Ambassador Daaga| Caricom Cultural Ambassador Extraordinaire

Two days after naming her Cabinet, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday appointed National Joint Action Committee Chief Servant Makandal Daaga this country’s Caricom Cultural Ambassador Extraordinaire.
Persad-Bissessar made the announcement during her speech at the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha’s (SDMS) Indian Arrival Day celebrations at the Parvati Girls’ College in Debe yesterday. In making the appointment, Persad-Bissessar described Daaga as a ’selfless patriot’.
'Chief Servant Daaga has spent decades working without recognition and help in the cause of promoting the ideals of poverty eradication and giving people, especially young people, a sense of purpose through sports and culture. He is a selfless patriot whose service we are so fortunate to still have among us today and, today, on Indian Arrival Day we salute him and his life’s work,’ Persad-Bissessar said. She named Daaga as one of the ’original freedom fighters of the nation’.

I was awaiting the announce regarding Mr. Daaga's participation in the People's Partnership and now that it was made I am wondering about its significance. I thought that Mr. Daaga would have been utilized at home but he was not supported by the Laventille community during the general elections. As a matter of fact I can't believe that the people of  Laventille voted in favor of the PNM representative in the manner they did - it was not even close. Well the chief servant will now embark on ensuring that Trinidad and Tobago is seen as a partner in regional integration and play a significant role in bringing success to the entire region in all areas of endeavor. I wish Mr. Daaga well in his new position and I am absolutely certain that he would server the nation well - good luck sir!

May 30, 2010

The People Plotted to Remove the PNM|Not PNM Party Insiders

A plot was allegedly set up within the People’s National Movement (PNM) to ensure that former Prime Minister Patrick Manning was defeated in the 2010 general election and forcibly removed as political leader. Sunday Guardian has learnt that the plot was hatched in the bowels of the party, and orchestrated by several key high-ranking members and ground troops who purported to canvass for the PNM during the election campaign. The bold attempt to overthrow the former prime minister was conducted in PNM vehicles that were expected to transport supporters to and fro. However, Sunday Guardian, interviewing people on the grounds in certain constituencies, learnt that several party members, clad in blue T-shirts on election day, undermined the party, and instead transported supporters to vote for the People’s Partnership.

Hold on now, the PNM lost because of a plot from within the party to undermine former Prime Minister Patrick Manning? Yeah right, I guess I should believe that pigs really can fly!

The bottom line is this, the PNM and when I say the PNM I also include the supporters of the party became so arrogant that the stench of this very said arrogance was nauseating to say the least - arrogance was the cause for the demise of the PNM! The Ministers, the Prime Minister and the PNM 'till ah dead' followers were blinded by this arrogance and their 20/20 vision.

Even with the fiasco of UDECOTT and the church in Heights of Guanapo staring them head on they chose to put on blinders and talk about tertiary education while ignoring the corruption that brought us to this point in the first place.

They paid the price for this folly for all of their foolishness. This indeed, is like beating a dead horse into submission. Maybe it is time to end the talk with the new government in place and with such a positive introduction to governance that looks like it will be centered on serving the people.

This so called plot really took place but not from withing the PNM but it took place in every community (well almost every community) as shown in the result of the election. They voted the PNM out of office. They were fedup but those who claimed they were fed up simply wore red tee shirts that said, "We vex but we voting PNM". They never spoke out or spoke up against their Prime Minister except Dr. Keith Rowley. Even the rejected candidates like Penelope Beckles of Arima supported her Prime Minister when she was the best person for the party in Arima.

The plot to unseat he PNM happened not in the PNM but in the bowels of the distressed communities and in the bosoms of the women who saw their families suffering under the management of the PNM. 

The People have spoken and the PNM have been sent to opposition benches as punishment for their arrogance. We now look forward to improved living conditions for every one... failure is not an option.

May 28, 2010

Ministers Appointed|Trinidad and Tobago

Today the Ministers of Government along with the Parliamentary secretaries were appointed to their various offices. The following list was sourced from Trinidad and Tobago News website.
  • Mr. Austin jack Warner — Minister of Works and Transport
  • Mr. Winston Dookeran — Minister of Finance
  • Brigadier John Sandy — Minister of National Security
  • Ms. Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan — Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs
  • Dr. Surujattan Rambachan — Minister of Public Administration
  • Mr. Rudrawatee Nan Ramgoolam — Minister of Public Administration
  • Mr. Fazal Karim — Minister of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education
  • Ms. Therese Baptiste-Cornelis — Minister of Health
  • Mr. Emmanuel George — Ministry of Public Utilities
  • Mr. Vasant Bharath — Minister of Food Production
  • Ms. Mary King — Minister of Planning, Economics and Social Restructuring and Gender Affairs
  • Mr. Chandresh Sharma — Minister of Local Government
  • Dr. Roodal Moonilal — Minister of Housing and the Environment
  • Mr. Stephen Cadiz — Minister of Trade and Industry
  • Dr. Rupert Griffith — Minister of tourism
  • Mr. Herbet Volney — Minister of Justice
  • Dr. Glen Ramadharsingh — Minister of the People and Social Development
  • Dr. Tim Gopeesingh — Minister of Education
  • Mr. Nizam Baksh — Minister of Community Development
  • Mr. Prakash Ramadhar — Minister of Legal Affairs
  • Mr. Errol Mc Leod — Minister of Labour, Small and Micro Enterprise Development
  • Mr. Anil Roberts — Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs
  • Ms. Vernella Alleyne Toppin — Minister of Tobago Development
  • Mr. Winston Peters — Minister of the Arts and Culture

Ministers in Ministries
  • Mr. Rudranath Indarsingh — Ministry of Works and Transport
  • Mr. Clifton DeCoteau —  Minister of State in Education
  • Mr. Delmon Dexter Baker — Ministry of Tourism
  • Dr. Lincoln Douglas

Ministers of State
  • Mr. Colin Jefferson Partap — Office of the Prime Minister
  • Mr. Rodger Dominic Samuel — Office of the Prime Minister

Parliamentary Secretaries
  • Mr. Kevin Christian Ramnarine — Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs
  • Ms. Stacy Alana Roopnarine — Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs
  • Mr. Jairam Angad Seemungal — Ministry of Legal Affairs
  • Ms. Nela Khan — Ministry of the Arts and Culture
  • Ms. Ramona Ramdial — Ministry of Planning, Economic and Social Restructuring and Gender Affairs

    Coded Messages| Divisive Tribal Political Messages of Distrust

    “You risk paying a price,” he said. “People are better informed today than they were ten years ago. You can’t fool them with stupidness anymore.” Dumas criticised Manning’s campaign saying it was unacceptable given the office Manning held. 
    He accused the PNM of promoting racism, sexism and discrimination on the basis of religion through coded messages in the then Prime Minister’s many speeches. He said, instead Manning and the PNM should have focussed on issues.
    “Manning conspicuously failed to understand that,” he said. “He was making coded messages which had to do with race and religion and also gender and which were divisive racially from the first meeting in St Augustine when he made the remark about puncheon and what the (Indian-dominated) UNC was drinking. What he didn’t understand is that a lot of people have moved on and he did not grasp that,

    Isn't it amazing that until now the PNM faithful did not recognize this fact or chose not to address it. Mr. Dumas rightly noted that: “He was making coded messages which had to do with race and religion and also gender and which were divisive racially from the first meeting in St Augustine when he made the remark about puncheon and what the (Indian-dominated) UNC was drinking. What he didn’t understand is that a lot of people have moved on and he did not grasp that."
    Everyone was caught up with the tertiary education talk that nothing else mattered. The sea of PNM red meant that PNM forever was a done deal and everyone turned a blind eye to the ills on the platform much less for the veiled messages that were meant to capatalize on the politics of race.
    Patrick was cast out with scorn and comtempt by the very persons who cowered at his feet. He is now a beaten man who will sit back and watch his nemesis, Dr. Keith Rowley take control of the PNM political machine. No Wajang behavior now since "the PNM till ah dead faithful" feel that there is reason to celebrate even in defeat - Patos is gone and Rowley rises from the ashes of wajangism.

    A People's Partnership Victory Song

    This song was sent to me via email. I thought that I would share it with you. It is amazing how creative our people are and I can tell you that even thought some of you listening to the song may not like the lyrics I am sure that the music will be totally enjoyed. Now play the track and raise your volume... Play clip below.

    May 27, 2010

    Rowley takes over|Leader of the Opposition

    Dr. Keith Rowley has accepted the position of leader of the opposition; the position of political leader will be addressed at a later date. 
    However, one can assume that with Dr. Rowley in place as leader of the opposition it will only be a formality that he becomes the next political leader. Rejected candidate Penelope Beckles was seen smiling on camera and this can only mean that the rejected candidates would now rise to prominence now that Patrick Manning is powerless to affect their positions in the party.
    More to come...

    It is Official|Prime Minister and Attorney General sworn into office

    Kamla Persad Bissessar was sworn is as the first woman Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago today. Also sworn in today was Anand Ramlogan who was selected to be the Attorney General. Mr. Ramlogan, at 37 years of age is the youngest person to hold the position in the Republic.  
    "Persad-Bissessar reiterated that she would be having four legal ministries. She said the Ministry of the Attorney General would be curtailed to some extent. It will now deal more with the public law issues and the constitutional law issues. She said this was why she chose Anand Ramlogan as Attorney General, saying his tremendous experience in public law, administrative law and constitutional law would be an asset."

    May 26, 2010

    Winston Dookeran Says Thank You!

    He said yesterday was mostly to say “thanks” to the people who helped with the campaign and also keeping in touch with the COP candidates who were unsuccessful in Monday’s election. The COP was successful in securing six of the ten seats contested with Dookeran bringing home the Tunapuna constituency previously held by former Education Minister, Esther Le Gendre. “I met with several of them today, but most of them I spoke to over the telephone. Today we will meet to put our thoughts together as to what future we have to build for the new Government. That is next on our agenda,” he said. While the hours of the first day after a victorious General Election were fast drawing to an end, (the Newsday only caught up with the COP leader late yesterday evening), and despite going to bed at 6 am yesterday, Dookeran said he still had one more meeting to attend. “Hopefully it would not last as long as the previous one (on Monday night),” he said with a laugh.

    This was a victory that was well deserved and Mr. Dookeran wisely spent the day saying thank you to the people who made it happen. This should be the start of an administration that should be people centric. In this regard it was fitting that Mr. Dookeran start his tenure as a servant of the people by saying thank you for a job well done. 
    Congratulations and forward we march towards good governance.

    May 24, 2010

    New Government|New Prime Minister in Trinidad & Tobago!

    The People's Partnership has won the General Elections of 2010 in Trinidad and Tobago and will form the next government with the first female Prime Minister. The preliminary figures indicate that the final count was 29 seats going to the People's Partnership with 12 seats going to the PNM.

    Congratulations and Good Luck to the new government! Congratulations to the new Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago - Good Luck!

    May 23, 2010

    Trinidad and Tobago 2010 Electoral candidates

    Here are the list of candidates updated with the winners in red. The final count was People's Partnership 29 to the PNM 12 seats. 29|12

    Updated 05.25.2010

    PNM - Laurel Lezama Lee-Sing
    COP - Roger Samuel

    PNM - Alicia Hospedales
    COP - Anna Maria Mora

    Barataria/San Juan
    PNM - Joseph Ross
    UNC - Dr. Fuad Khan

    Caroni Central
    UNC - Glenn Ramadharsingh
    PNM - SHeila  Madoo Kurban

    Caroni East
    PNM - Harold Ramoutar
    UNC - Tim Gopeesingh

    Chaguanas East
    PNM - Mustapha Abdul-Hamid
    UNC - Stephen Cadiz
    NNV - Prakash Persad

    Chaguanas West
    PNM - Ronald Heera
    UNC - Austin "Jack" Warner

    Couva North
    PNM - Neil Ramsingh
    UNC - Ramona Ramdial

    Couva South
    PNM - Anthony Khan
    UNC - Rudy Indarsingh

    PNM - Darryl "Japs" Mahabir
    UNC - Colin Partap
    NNV - Neil De Silva

    PNM - Karen Nunez-Tesheira
    COP - Anil Roberts

    Diego Martin Central
    PNM - Amery Brown
    COP - Nicole Dyer-Griffith

    Diego Martin North/East
    PNM - Colm P. Imbert
    UNC - Garvin Nicholas
    NNV - Melissa Ochoa

    Diego Martin West
    PNM - Dr. Keith C. Rowley
    COP - Rocky Garcia
    NNV - Zawadi Abu Bakr

    PNM - Joel Primus
    UNC - Chandresh Sharma

    La Brea
    PNM - Fitzgerald Jeffrey
    COP – Ernesto Kesar

    La Horquetta/Talparo
    PNM - Nadra Nathai-Gyan
    UNC - Jairam Seemungal

    Laventille East/Morvant
    PNM - Donna Cox
    MSJ – Kwasi Mutima
    NNV - Umar Khan

    Laventille West
    PNM - NiLeung Hypolite
    NJAC - Makandal Dagga

    Lopinot/Bon Air West
    PNM - Neil Parsanlal
    COP - Dr Lincoln Douglas

    PNM - Clifford Campbell
    UNC - Winston "Gypsy" Peters

    PNM - Faiz Ramjohn
    UNC - Nizam Baksh

    Oropouche East
    PNM - Christin Ramdial
    UNC - Dr. Roodal Moonilal

    Oropouche West
    PNM - Heather Cedeno Walker
    UNC - Stacy Roopnarine

    Point Fortin
    PNM - Paula Gopee-Scoon
    NJAC - Nyahuma Obika

    PNM - Christine Kangaloo
    MSJ - Errol McLeod

    Port of Spain North/St Ann’s West
    PNM - Patricia McIntosh
    UNC - Annabelle Davis
    NNV - Fuad Abu Bakr

    Port of Spain South
    PNM - Marlene McDonald
    COP – Giselle Russel
    NNV - Travis Mulraine

    Princes Town
    PNM - Annwarie Ramkissoon
    UNC - Nela Khan

    San Fernando East
    PNM - Patrick A. M. Manning
    COP - Carol Cuffy-Dowlat

    San Fernando West
    PNM - Junior Regrello
    COP - Carolyn Seepersad Bachan
    NNV - Indrani Abu Bakr

    UNC - Kamla Persad-Bissessar
    PNM - Vidya Deokiesingh

    St Ann’s East
    PNM - Joanne Thomas
    UNC - Verna St Rose Greaves
    NNV - Christian Dookie

    St Augustine
    PNM - Balchandra Sharma
    COP - Prakash Ramadhar

    St Joseph
    PNM - Kennedy Swaratsingh
    UNC - Herbet Volney

    PNM - Farouk Mohammed
    UNC - Suruj Rambachan

    PNM - Agustus Thomas
    UNC - Clifton De Coteau

    Tobago East
    PNM - Gizel Thomas-Roberts
    TOP - Vanella Allan Toppin

    Tobago West
    PNM - Terrence Williams
    TOP - Dr. Delmond Baker

    Toco/Sangre Grande
    PNM - Eric ’Pink Panther’ Taylor
    UNC - Rupert Griffith

    PNM - Ester Le Gendre
    COP - Winston Dookeran

    May 21, 2010


    If you want to get a pulse beat on what’s really going on in Trinidad and Tobago society, then all you have to do get down there during the carnival season and go to the calypso tents. Calypso usually reflects the harsh realities of life in these twin islands; and sometimes they can be brutally harsh with their truths. During the past three carnival seasons, many a calypso singer has recorded his/her disgust with the leadership of Prime Minister Patrick Manning and the ruling political party (PNM).

    As I write this column, the naked truth is this: on any given day, you are about ten times more likely to be murdered in Trinidad than in New York. And if you compare crime stats coming out from the island(s) with those from England, then London is over 50 times safer than TNT; similarly situated (though lower) is Canada, Cuba and near every other state in the USA.

    Over the last twenty years, Trinidad has been stubbornly climbing towards becoming one of the murder capitals of the world. Since the turn of the new century -and within the western hemisphere- it has already made top ten lists in the murder and kidnapping categories many times over. And despite the fact that kidnappings have ostensibly abated over the last few years, other crimes such as theft, fraud, gun violence, carjacking (s), daylight and highway robbery, continue to occur unchecked and unabated. It’s a mess. It has been a mess for years now. 

    What has been baffling to many is the inability of the ruling political party to advance even basic ideas for solving the crime problem facing terrified residents. 

    The ruling party is the People’s National Movement (PNM). It was founded in 1956 by a noted historian (now deceased) named Eric Williams (PhD). The PNM has held the reigns of power over these twin islands for about 42 of the past 54 years. The party itself has been elevated to iconic status within the polity. Some of its supporters/members gladly (and ridiculously) proclaim their loyalty until death. And therein lies a major problem affecting all island residents -PNMites or not.  

    When it comes to objectively evaluating PNM as a successful political entity, there is no rationality (or common sense) from the diehards. This has been going on since the party’s inception. I know this all too well, because my father was one of the founding members of this party. He was also an official, a once elected councilman, and one of its original general council members and candidates in 1956. 

    When it comes to evaluating how successful the party has been -when given control of the instruments of government/power - there is little or no honesty from its puerile dependents. When it comes to critiquing (or questioning) the performance(s) in office of successive PNM regimes, one can be viewed as treasonous: especially if you are Negro. When it comes to challenging myths created by its leaders one can be viewed as a heretic. The PNM sycophants can be obscenely loyal: and to a fault. The saying: “PNM till ah dead”, has taken too many innocent lives without being properly re-evaluated.

    If you want to read the rest of this discourse you can link to the original article at the following URL:

    The Marginals|St. Joseph

    The general election scheduled for May 24, 2010 has several interesting electoral districts that in limbo with the final outcome unknown until the results are in. This situation is not the same for many district where the outcome can be tallied with check marks indicating the winners before the votes are cast. Today we take a look at one of the Marginals|St. Joseph! This video comes to you via CNC3 Television, Trinidad.
    The Rough Guide to Trinidad & Tobago (Rough Guides)

    May 20, 2010

    Just Think About This

    On Monday May 24, 2010 the people of  Trinidad and Tobago will go to the polls to select a new government. The PNM have had their opportunity and both the People's Partnership and the NNV desire to get in office. I believe that any party that has the interests of the people as the first priority should get an opportunity to sit in Parliament to run the affairs of the country.
    Now if you believe that the PNM put the people's interest first then vote them back into office. If not then they don't deserve your vote - forget about party loyalty. 
    If you believe that the People's Partnership and the NNV mean business and will put people first then give them an opportunity to run the country.
    It is that simple. Yes it is because PATRIOTS are not only found in the PNM they exist in the People's Partnership and the NNV. We need true PATRIOTS now! 
    Make you educated vote count!

    May 19, 2010

    PNM Must Go!

    THE NEXT Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago will not be sworn in by President George Maxwell Richards at President’s House, St Ann’s as, almost ten years after the building was first condemned as structurally unsound by the Ministry of Works and Transport, Minister of Works Colm Imbert yesterday advised Richards to vacate his staff from the building “with immediate effect” after a portion of the roof collapsed on Saturday.

    Ridiculous! I believe in giving people chances, I really do. Now don't get me wrong and I won't pretend to be a fan of the PNM - I never was a fan. This fiasco of the collapse of the President's house has hardened my resolve and I am absolutely convinced now that the PNM must go!

    I have supported NJAC and voted for the ONR and NAR but never for the UNC. Having said that I can also say that the PNM have done good for the country but at the same time I believe that they now take the people and country for granted. They are simply doing as they think is best but which turns out may not be the best thing for the country.

    Now to the linked post above regarding the collapsed house of the President of the nation - ridiculous and a crying shame. I can't believe that this structure was condemned more than 10 years ago as being structurally unsound and nothing has been done with all the monies that have come into and left the treasury.

    This is scandalous if you ask me and to think that we are now reading in the newspapers that the Prime Minister may be linked to the church being constructed in the Height of Guanapo at a cost of $30 Million dollars. To make it worse it appears that it was included in the plans for the Prime Minister's residence as an anex - gosh this is too much and the President was living in a condemned building. 

    Now you can see why I believe that the ruling PNM is doing as they please without the country's interest at "Hart" sorry I meant heart. 

    Now we hear that UDeCOTT will start work regarding repairs to this historic landmark. Colm Imbert should be ashamed that after his ministry condemned this structure that nothing was done to make it safe - the President, his family and guests could have lost their lives. 

    Now you will understand why I can't support the PNM and their drive to get back in office. The Prime Minister is now attempting to lay blame for the church in the Heights of Guanapo at the feet of Calder Hart - really? After all has been said and done, People are convinced that Great is the PNM, Great is the PNM and they will Prevail!

    Today I declare that I am one like Selwyn Ryan and even though I never supported the PNM I consider myself a born again believer and wish the People's Partnership success in this general elections. Give other patriotic Trinbagonians an opportunity to develop the society, the economy and if it works then they will get another opportunity to continue. If they fail then we vote them out of office just as I want to see the PNM voted out of office on May 24, 2010.

    May 18, 2010

    Decision Time Has Arrived|Voting has begun in Trinidad and Tobago!

    Special elector voters will cast their ballots at the offices of the returning officers at each of the 41 electoral districts. “All systems are go for the May 24 Election,” Cayenne said yesterday. Last week, the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) forwarded polling cards to TTPost to be mailed to general electors, and this process began last week. “Poll cards started going out late last week. The process has been smooth thus far,” Devon Phillip, marketing manager at TTPost, said yesterday. Poll cards are to be delivered throughout this week and persons who do not receive theirs in the mail collect them at TTPost offices in their communities. The EBC has advised that persons can also check on their registration status at the EBC’s website, “The revised list is also out and available for public viewing at the EBC’s offices,” said Cayenne. The revised list contains the names of electors who are eligible to vote. The list is divided into specific polling stations located at the 41 constituencies. The electoral list was updated during a registration period which ran from April 12 to 20. At last count the revised voters list recorded 1,036,939 eligible voters. This number exceeded that of the 2007 electoral list, which stood at 990,467, of which 653,882 people voted in the election that year. The EBC is spending an estimated $23 million to conduct the election.

    Today is the day; today we begin the process to elect a new government into office - we need to put aside our petty differences and do the right thing for our country. 

    Today is the day that special voters head to the polls to cast their votes before the general public do the same on May 24, 2010 - the process has begun, the end is near. 

    The Elections and Boundaries Commission seem to have the process working smoothly and by the midnight on May 24, 2010 the nation will breath a sigh of relief of groan because of the decisions of the majority of voters. 

    Whatever you do please go out and vote - every vote counts. Don't be intimidated and vote for whom you think is best suited to run the country. It is your democratic right - make your vote count!

    May 12, 2010

    PNM Forever!

    "Hello, like yuh playing like yuh doh know or what - PNM done win de election and May 24 still 12 days away."
    That was my good friend Dey Say of Dem Say fame and trust me if you were listening to WACK Radio 901fm today one could have only concluded that with the calls coming in that it was May 25, 2010 and the PNM had won the general elections already. 
    The callers were euphoric and celebratory already as Damion Melville gave callers the opportunity to call in and say who they will vote for and why. Not one call came in for the People's Partnership and the PNM forever flood of calls kept coming in to the station. 
    This station is unlike Trini Bashment radio where the calls and callers border on absolute hatred for one another - not so on WACK. Damion will never allow that - we all must understand that we can agree to disagree in a very civil manner. At times it bordered on comedy as the callers seem to be having fun even singing "Manning going back" and that was not a paid advertisement, OK.
    None of the issues matter at this time and it is a case of us against them. The "us" being the PNM and "them" the People's Partnership. It does not matter that this present administration that was given a mandate to run the country for five years collapsed after two short years in office. They (PNM) are back with the slogan "We Ready Now". I guess the first two years were simply a trial run. Now we have elections and the people are once again blinded by the slick politricking of these failed politicians. PNM till I die, we know what we have and we don't know what we will get. 
    Now is that correct? We know we don't have water, we don't have beds in the hospital and we do have crime and criminals going unpunished. We like it so - Vote PNM for more of the same!

    May 4, 2010

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