Sep 15, 2011

Carnival Gone Crazy | Less is More!

The word coming out of Trinidad is that three major Carnival 2012 presentations have already been sold out. Trinidad Carnival Diary ( has reported that the bands Tribe, Bliss and Yuma have reached the maximum sales output... So dey say!

Now I have taken a look at some of the costumes designed for next year (online photos) and I can tell you that it will be a sight for sore eyes. If only the models on the web pages were the ones on the streets on Carnival day then for persons like me... It would be a heavenly view.  However, that is not the case and the masqueraders come in all sizes and shapes. However, it should be noted that Trinidad has some of the most beautiful Carnival masqueraders with the exception of Brazilian Carnival (allyuh could steups all allyuh want but that is the case). 

However, have you noticed that the costumes are becoming smaller and smaller? Next year there is a clever ploy in that the top and bottom pieces are very tiny but there is a piece carried on the masquerader's back to give the illusion on 'big mas'. What is even more apparent is the price. Less is more and in this case it is more money. However, that does not seem to deter these revellers. They have already forked out the cash to the point where in September 2011 bands have already closed registration. 

Carnival is big business but the only sad thing about it is that the engine that drives the mas is left with very little. The Calypsonians who started it all get a meagre share of the carnival bounty. The steel bands, Soca artists are the engines that create this madness but it is the mas creators whom are raking in the monies. 

It has been rumoured that some of the actual costumes have been created overseas (China) cheaply and sold for the Trinidad Carnival at very steep prices. As I mentioned before less is more. They are spending less and profiting more but what about the engine that drives the mas? 

What do you think should be done to help bring about some equity and ensure that the Calypsonians, Soca artists and steel bands, all share in the bounty of the Carnival season. 






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