Sep 14, 2011

Crime does Pay | Is this the start of Amnesty in Trinbago?

"Dial 625-4932 or 623-8440 to get out of your life of crime." Source Article: via Trinidad and Tobago News Blog. "Gangsters 'dial' out of crime."

Regular citizens get one number to dial for help and that is 999 but those who lead a life of crime, who indulge in criminal activities get two numbers to call.

Ring... Ring... Ring... Hello, my name is Death and I want to change my life. I understand that you want me to become a productive citizen and earn a decent living. It is unfortunate that I joined that gang and had to kill so many persons. Lord I lost count of the amount of robberies I committed and the persons I capped. However, I am very fortunate to have you as a forgiving father figure for the nation. As of this day I promise to change my life. I am signing up for the program and expect my monthly stipend of $1,500.00 to be deposited to my numbered bank account. 

Hello, one has to be fool to think that real criminals will come to this program and disclose their deeds. But then again if I am in charge of that program I would really want to know who I am dealing with and what crimes he or she committed. I understand what they are trying to do but it is a difficult pill to swallow because the headache simply does not want to leave this aching head. Just the thought of excusing these people give me a headache!

Look, Mr. Philbert just enforce the law and become more vigilant. Crime should not be excused. There are too many innocent persons who have lost loved one through criminal activities. We need to get them and punish them. If you want to forgive them then go to Arima and finish the church and become the forgiving father figure you want to portray for the nation.  In the interim, as Acting Commissioner of Police , the law abiding citizens of Trinidad and Tobago would prefer if you hunt them down and bring them to justice!






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