Sep 16, 2011

"Curfew Parties" | Busted!

The Police are getting into the action but not like the police officers at the Brooklyn Labor Day Parade who were caught of camera wining down to sweet Soca music.  In Trinidad and Tobago the police service are now cracking down on the now famous "Curfew Parties". So don't expect any wining to the sounds of sweet Soca music from the Trinidad and Tobago Police or Military personell - it is now going to be a curfew party bust!

The police are aware of the fact that many night club owners have been 'profiting from the curfew' by promoting and staging "Curfew Parties". Things will change quickly and it is expected that the  police will be on the lookout for these promotions.  The night club owners or promoters of these parties will be fined a considerable sum for staging these events. 

Here is the link to an article in today's Trinidad Express about the new role of the Police service as it relates to stopping theses parties: STOP THE DANCE






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