Sep 20, 2011

Just a Reminder | Trini 2D Bone!

Sometimes we need to be reminded about the things that make us smile. Sometimes we need to go back to a time and place that makes us feel oh so good! I have been away from sweet Trinidad and Tobago for a very long time but still yearn for the place of my birth.

Sometimes all it takes is the music of a time that felt really good to show us that these troubled times that we are now experiencing will soon past. We need to go back to a time and place that still makes us smile. I love my country, I love my people and if only we can get past our selfishness, racial prejudices and choose instead to show some tolerance then we can return to that time that kept us smiling. If only we can achieve that I know then that we can bring the past into the future for a better Trinidad and Tobago. I love my country... Sweet 'TnT'!

The following YouTube video of Sir David Rudder and Carl Jacobs singing about our homeland is a reminder that we should sometimes ignore the newspapers and do something that brings back sweet good feelings of Sweet 'TnT'!






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