Sep 15, 2011

"Lock Up or Locked in" Fetes in Trinidad

"Dey cyar stop the party!" Not even the State of Emergency could stop Trinidadians from partying! The latest and greatest innovation for the party scene is to get in before the curfew starts and stay in until it ends - that is the safe thing to do but we are not talking about staying at home.

One one think that the sensible person would head home and stay inside to respect the curfew and be safe. However, Trinis are innovative and their desire to party has created a new type of party scene. Now we have "Locked in parties"!

It is now a joke: Get in before the curfew starts and party until 5:00 am. You are locked in for the party and at the same time avoid getting locked up for breaking the curfew hours. This is very interesting because it says a lot about the people's general attitude... State of Emergency just can't stop the partying. We like to party too damn much; isn't time we get serious?

Well here is an excerpt from an article in today's Trinidad Express Newspapers, "Earlier, a 50-year-old Laventille man was sentenced to 30 days in prison after he pleaded guilty to breaching the curfew, while a homeless man was ordered to pay $1,000 forthwith or spend six weeks in prison."  If you break the curfew it can cost you in time spent in jail and also in your bank account. Link to the Express article here: "Don't take the curfew lightly".

I just love my country and my people but they just love to party a little bit too much. The idea is not just to go and lime or to party and have fun but more so to have a story to tell about the day they partied heartily during the curfew hours!






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