Sep 11, 2011

Please say it isn't so! |"Most Dangerous in the World?"

I have finished putting the final touches to a post about "Boy Boy and the Magic Drum" while listening to the bard tell the story in music - the song Magic Drum sung by Machel Montano. I was about to go to bed but decided to take a look at the Trinidad Express before taking a shower and going to bed... This was 1:53 am when I say the article, "POS the new Baghdad". I cringed and groaned after reading the first two paragraphs.

"Trinidad and Tobago now rivals Jamaica as the most violent country in the Caribbean, with the number of annual murders rising sharply from 98 to 550 over the last decade, with some areas in the Port of Spain police division being listed among the most dangerous in the world.

This is the finding of a new United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) draft report on Human Development and Citizen Security in the Caribbean, which noted, among other things, that the murder rate for Port of Spain was comparable to that of Baghdad.

The report also cites information stating that illegal guns are being rented for robbery and murder for as little as $100 an hour."

I don't know about most of you who like to say "Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise", well watch out because the UNDP plans to release this report later this year and it does not look good for people wishing to visit our homeland.

The article in the Trinidad Express has much of the findings that most people have been asking the government to detail recently since the State of Emergency was implemented. If this does not say something about the need for the SoE then what does? I am saddened but not surprised... It is apparent tat there is an undeclared State of War taking place between the gangs of the country with the government protective services attempting to protect the citizens of the land.

These hardened criminals are giving our nation a bad reputation and it will be magnified when the UN publishes that report later in the year. The government is trying to do something about the current situation but there are those who still believe that it is all about race.... Did someone say "God Save the Queen?"






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