Sep 9, 2011

Point Fortin Highway | Signed under the PNM Administration

"The PM also claimed that the contract for the project was signed under the last PNM administration before the PP Government came into office.' Source article: Trinidad Guardian

There is so much fuss about the construction of this new highway. I have heard so many conversations on the radio where callers have chastised the present administration for proceeding with the construction of the highway. They insist that the monies should be used, instead, to give civil servants the pay raises they 'deserve'. 

I have always said that Trinidadians are a difficult bunch to deal with and it is quite apparent that in this situation they want to 'have their cake and eat it at the same time'. I am not going to get myself caught up in the politics or 'politricking' of the day but come on people... Do you think the Prime Minister is telling a lie when she stated that the project was an initiative of the previous administration?

You are damned if you do and the same applies if you don't!






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