Sep 18, 2011

Trini Good Eh Boi! | Curfew Party "Tawk"!

"Tinidadians good eh boi"; I say that with emphasis on the way a Trinidadian would interpret it and not its literal meaning of something good had taken place. It means that one should expect anything from a Trinidadian!

Now, having said that, I want to jump right into my segment of "Trini good eh boi" this morning. The recent State of Emergency and the curfew hours that have been put in place have been severely criticized in many circles. This is the opportune moment for persons opposed to the current government or those who like to engage in semantics to jump on the "let's pong dem" parade. We are talking about people living overseas (and at home too) who will criticize for criticizing sake.  They will say, "we are not against the State of Emergency just the way it was implemented." They will take the opportunity to suggest that the current "hot spots" selected were not done based on science or facts relating to crime but was based on a race bias.

As I write this (Sunday morning eh) I can recall Damion Melville saying, "I love this place". In this respect I would venture to say I love this place because you have to expect anything and it will make you raise an eyebrow and wonder. Then you will say... "Only in Trinidad these things can happen." 

This morning I was following a conversation on the Internet that was meant to poke a little fun at the PP Government.... However, the tone of the conversation changed when "Miss Bake and Shark" had her say. Take a look at the following conversation that took place in an 'open chat service' provided by Chatango this Sunday morning. OK, I changed the names of the persons chatting but let's call them, "Yuh Lie", "Trini Bush Rum" and "Best Sandwich on Maracas beach".

Yuh Lie: "I see Dana Seetahal says its LEGAL to have Lock down Curfew Parties, and the Police are "farse an outa place" to caution against it!!   She din use those exact words but it amounts tu dat."

Trini Bush Rum:  "Dat is ah smart oman Yuh Lie."

Best Sandwich on Maracas beach: "Last curfew women got drugged and raped in these parties and they could not even run. So a word to the wise is sufficient."

Best Sandwich on Maracas beach: "The public did not know because the victims were ashamed etc. but men perverts caused themselves to be locked in with lots of unsuspecting women just having fun."

Trini Bush Rum:  "Why oman cant stay home in curfew time?dey aint have kids /dat why d system is so screwed up."

Yuh Lie: "They still had recourse to the law, as in any other situation, but like you say, caution is needed."

Best Sandwich on Maracas beach: "Perverts use all loopholes to prey on victims especially that they cannot escape. the door is locked."

Best Sandwich on Maracas beach: "Strictly it is not illegal but it is dangerous."

Yuh Lie: "As usual, you are right."

So instead of making Dana Seetahal the morning heroine and the PP government the black sheep this morning, we got a look at the same situation from another person's perspective. This is what we have in Trinidad today. A few looking for any reason to criticize (right or wrong) instead of supporting the initiative of the government to try and right years of mismanagement and wrong doing. It seems like everyone is against the country now from the UN and their recent report comparing Port-of-Spain to Bhagdad to Trinis at home and especially those living abroad who simply don't like the fact that the PP government is in office. 

Yes this government may have faltered in the ways and means of implimenting certain aspects of the current State of Emergency. We also know that the secrurity services may over-react when dealing with persons who knowingly or unknowinly break the curfew regulations; however, I must emphasize that we must support the efforts of the government to set things right. The ship is sinking and the bailout, however it is implimented at this time, must but be supported... Are you on board or will you simply bail out on your government and country now?






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