Sep 27, 2011

TriniBago listed on "10 laws to avoid around the world"!

I was reading an article entitled "10 laws to avoid around the world" from a website named "matador life". Of course I am posting here tonight because Trinidad and Tobago made the list. The following is the post about Trinidad and Tobago as it appeared on the web page... The heading reads, "Trinidad and Tobago: G.I. NO!"

"Whether you’re planning a WWII reenactment or just have terrible taste in fashion, be advised that it is illegal to wear camouflaged clothing in Trinidad & Tobago. The law exists to prevent people from imitating military and other officials. You can be detained and have your camouflage items seized by authorities–that is, if they can find you."

So what is it about this post that caught my eye? I am sure you saw the same thing I did and noticed the same thing that cause me to stir in my seat. It is the final five words of the post: "If they can find you."

Now you can understand why we need to get things right at home and more importantly ensure that the image and results of the security forces have impact not only on the criminals but the World stage. Our image is not good from those on the outside looking in... 






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