Sep 28, 2011

“Unite to End Violence Against Women" | UN Panama Workshop

Some alarming statistics were revealed in a United Nations report on violence against women in the Caribbean region. The release disclosed that domestic violence across the region was indeed very alarming. Some of the places included in the release depicted the same alarming trend in places once thought of as being free of these activities. Of course crime exists in every society but when it hits at home it becomes a problem that has to be addressed. The UN has decided to do something about it. The have created a campaign named "Unite to End Violence Against women" and have invited 27 artistes from the region that includes the Caribbean and Latin America to participate in a three day workshop in Panama.

The statistics revealed that in 2009 there were 434 reported rapes in Trinidad and Tobago... What? Yes, that is more than one rape per day. Clearly, domestic violence is a problem in the region. We are not alone in the region with violence directed against women. Barbados, The Bahamas, St. Kitts all these countries had alarming rates of violence against women.  The article that I read in the Trinidad Guardian newspaper also indicated that "in Jamaica 49 per cent of girls surveyed between the ages of 15 and 17 reported some level of coercion.” 

These acts of crime, acts of violence, this gruesome trend needs to be stopped. The artistes invited to the workshop, according to the UN release “will come together and generate compelling messages and other initiatives to raise awareness and advocate for an end to violence against women and girls.” 

Representing Trinidad and Tobago are recording artistes David Michael Rudder and Destra Garcia. It is hoped that they will return with messages of hope, messages of peace and love that will have impact on the society at large. These artistes will, though their involvement in this workshop, share their knowledge with other artistes who may, in the end, bring hope and a renewal of love through their music as they pass forward this renewed awakening of love and respect for women and young girls in the societies of the Caribbean and Latin America. 

We can only hope that this trend towards violence towards our women, young and old, and even our children does not continue and that as our societies develop we constantly look over our shoulders for instances of violence and report these matters to the relevant authorities to act, to defend, the human rights of these individuals to live with respect and to walk the streets without fear of harm. We can only hope for success!






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