Oct 22, 2011

Traditional Indian make-up turned trendy | Trinidad Express Newspaper | Woman Magazine

It's Divali time again in our beautiful country, the time that Hindus celebrate light over darkness.

Isn't it amazing how times have changed and what is now en vogue was a big joke a few decades ago? There was a time in Trinidad and Tobago that everything East Indian was a joke in many communities throughout the country.

From the sappat to the way they combed their hair and the foods they ate East Indians had a very difficult time coping with what was considered in style in the country.

One thing in particular that was a joke was the way East Indians dressed and in particular the colors they used. Red and yellow were considered 'Indian colors' and, as such, not in style... If you were caught wearing those colors it had better be in a Carnival band!

Now the trend around the World is make up East Indian style.... I think that all of this is so funny. In Trinidad, it was a joke when East Indians put on their pink faces and colorful eyeliners... they were literally laughed at but look what is happening today! 

Today almost everything East Indian (in Trinidad) is en vogue. From the food to the politics today... very interesting indeed!






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