Nov 15, 2011

Drink It Up (Break-In-Trance Riddim) - Umi Marcano

I just can't believe those naysayers who are crying down Trinidad and Tobago's music. Damn 2012 is already on fire and this Umi Marcano's song on the Break-In-Trance Riddim will burn down fete after fete after fete!

This music solidifies the talent of Madmen and to be honest I will be drinking the Kool-Aid when it comes to supporting the work of Madmen the upgrade (of course). Now in order for song to be a hit you don't just need good music but a talented singer is also essential. One cannot say anything about the testosterone flowing in Umi's body. The young man is a stud in any producer's stable. He can blow and man did he sing on this one.

I endorse this track and expect good things regarding the tracks success. This one should cross borders and move across the Carnival scene into the clubs. It has the potential to be a hit in Europe first and then gradually seep into the hearts and minds of the Americans whom are now gravitation to Island Pop music. This one has that sweet techno beat to it and is fast paced in typical West Indian Style but not too fast for the North American circuit. I love this song!

OK, so you got the feeling that I really like this one... it is presented here for promotional purposes only. Enjoy!
Umi Marcano – Drink It Up (Break-In-Trance Riddim) (Island Pop) 2012 ((Brand New)) Album: Madmen The Upgrade Produced,Mixed & Mastered By: Madman Johann For Madmen.

♫ Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).






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