Apr 4, 2012

'the nation's journey in moko jumbies' | Trinidad Express

Here is an interesting art design that won the competition for the best logo design for the 50th anniversary celebration of the twin island republic. It is an interesting design and uses the Moko Jumbie to tell a story of growth, progress and culture of the Trinitarians. The information presented below is an article from the Trinidad Express Newspaper.

Debbie Boos described her winning entry in the 50th Anniversary of Independence logo competition in the following way:
"My design visually reflects the nation's journey in the moko jumbies, whose increasing heights represent growth and progress over 50 years of independence. The moko jumbies represent the Trinity Hills, as well as being an integral part of the culture of the people.

Their stilts represent cane-cutting implements used in the sugarcane industry when sugar was king, and the heads represent the lucrative oil industry, in the age of advanced technology.

The ribbons represent the continued, upward movement towards the nation's positive future. The red, white and black colours represent the colours of the Trinidad and Tobago flag."


Anonymous said...

I believe the Government will have to include her explanation every time they use the logo.

Anonymous said...

I feel shame every time i see this I must agree with anonymous above. This does not represent trinidad and tobago for who we are, com one ppl moko jumbies.....

Anonymous said...

This logo is real shit





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