Apr 6, 2012

Cheryl Miller Travesty | Heads 'will roll' at that Ministry!

Dammit, what the hell is going on in Trinidad? This Cheryl Miller travesty has to be addressed quickly and people need to be fired!

I sat at my computer and read the articles in the newspapers regarding the Cheryl Miller fiasco that took place at the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development about 15 days ago. Cheryl Miller, was forcibly removed from her workplace and committed to St. Anns. This is unbelievable... What the hell is going on in Trinidad and Tobago?

I did not read anything about a history of mental illness only that Cheryl had a dispute and was not satisfied with the response of the HR department. I did not read that she became violent and the police had to be called in to right a situation that got out of hand. I read that Cheryl Miller was not satisfied with the outcome of discussion regarding and issue at the office and that she thought she was being treated unfairly. I read the Minister, Verna St. Rose-Greaves spoke to Cheryly and that from that conversation Cheryl was in the process of writing a letter apologizing for the 'outburst' that took place (the entire situation is questionable). Then it was reported that someone said (someone in authority) that, “They would be coming for Cheryl Miller just now.” Now that is absolutely outrageous!

If I am unhappy with the outcome of a dispute and don't like the outcome and speak out about it then I could be committed to a mental institution? Outrageous... I am mad as hell and I do believe that people in authority are going crazy in Trinidad! Heads should roll... they should fire the people who called in the people from St. Anns to take action against this employee who did not 'go crazy' at the office.

Let's say that Cheryl did have a breakdown and acted in a manner that was not safe for her co workers shouldn't her office manager talk to her, get her away from the place of discontent and find out what was going on. If she continued to act in an irrational manner (which reportedly did not) then she should have been given the day off. If they thought that she could have harmed herself then they should have sought medical attention from the hospital not the mental institution!

Dammit, there are crazy people walking the streets of Port-of-Spain and no one gives a damn about the harm they could do to innocent people going about their daily business. This is outrageous and heads should roll... Verna St. Rose and the officials at that office should be dragged to the red carpet and questioned about their decision to call in personnel from the mental institution to deal with a situation that could have been handled differently.

I do hope that they haven't drugged this poor lady and make her a ghost of herself at that institution. I do hope that commonsense should prevail and that Cheryl is released to her family. This government better do the right thing and correct this unfortunate situation. I am mad as hell and hope that action is taken against the people who started this fiasco. I am so damn upset... I can't read anything good coming out of Trinidad!

Apr 4, 2012

'the nation's journey in moko jumbies' | Trinidad Express

Here is an interesting art design that won the competition for the best logo design for the 50th anniversary celebration of the twin island republic. It is an interesting design and uses the Moko Jumbie to tell a story of growth, progress and culture of the Trinitarians. The information presented below is an article from the Trinidad Express Newspaper.

Debbie Boos described her winning entry in the 50th Anniversary of Independence logo competition in the following way:
"My design visually reflects the nation's journey in the moko jumbies, whose increasing heights represent growth and progress over 50 years of independence. The moko jumbies represent the Trinity Hills, as well as being an integral part of the culture of the people.

Their stilts represent cane-cutting implements used in the sugarcane industry when sugar was king, and the heads represent the lucrative oil industry, in the age of advanced technology.

The ribbons represent the continued, upward movement towards the nation's positive future. The red, white and black colours represent the colours of the Trinidad and Tobago flag."





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