Mar 29, 2013

Sacrificial Lambs In The Society | The Lion & The Politician!

An article written by Sandopc...

"Yuh Think It Easy"... that was my previous posting on this blog and as I reflect on this religious week I realized that many decisions that we make daily are not easy at all! Taking that into consideration I pondered on something I read (about an unfortunate situation in Africa) and it dawned on me that our politicians in Trinidad and Tobago are no different from the Lion in that article. They (the politicians) think that it is very ease to dupe the public. From these thoughts the following article is presented for your reading pleasure. 

This is Holy Week for Christians all over the World; and for many it is considered a time for reflection. It is a time to reflect about thoughts of what it means to sacrifice for the greater good and, because of this reflection, rings a bell in our inner being. Christians all over the world remember, many years ago, a man laid down his life for many so that the “many” could live to see a brighter day. Obviously this was not easy for a normal man but then again Jesus, the Christ was not an ordinary man. Having said that,  I am sure his sacrifice, with his human weaknesses intact, was not an easy task. Some of us make sacrifices for

On this memorable day my reflection brought me to a safe place of reflection about our purpose on this earth. It made me think of a newspaper article I read recently. I do believe that it was a story based on fact - a true story. It was about a man and woman, both residents of South Africa who decided to have a little “get together”. For whatever reason, they walked into the bushes surrounding their village. I guess they wanted some privacy. It should become apparent that the bush in Africa is not like a walk in the park here in Trinidad. Unfortunately the couple were attacked by a Lion and at that point human instinct took control ... decisions had to be made on the fly. This, no doubt, was a life and death situation.

The man had to make a quick decision. Is is easy to conceive that he could have fought the Lion and save both lives (including his)? It is obvious that they were both scared and shocked and, because of that fear, not act and lose their lives. The story becomes a bit muddled at this point, the man ran naked back to the village. Obviously he left the woman behind. I am sure that some part of him thought... run and get help, 'yuh cud save de woman'! Let's be clear here, chivalry, self-preservation, all these thoughts brought a new life to his legs. This could be considered human instinct and the 'fright or flight' instinct took over his being. There is a term in Trinidad that is commonly used, "Boughtupcy", the kind we learn from our grand-ma tried to slow him down. In this case, 'broughtupsy' lost. What would you have done in this situation? I am very aware that this is such and unfair question to ask but think about it.  Yuh think it easy! There is so much to consider  and with your heart pounding to get out of your chest not to mention your legs touching nothing but air, you run. Yuh run like hell!

In this case the the man ran to the village and then returned with some people. They returned armed to the teeth and with guns to take care of the Lion!  However, I guess you have already guessed the outcome, the lady was already history. No one knows what happened except that she lost the battle to survive. The lion had eaten and left. She must have put up a fight but the outcome was quite obvious - she could not run as fast as the man or the Lion simply did not bother to chase him since he had an easy prey in sight.  Talk about choices. In Trinidad and Tobago, thank God, we don't have Lions devouring the people even though there are situations that feel the same. Our forests never had Lions but there are people,in the society, who act like the Lion! We have other animals and some people or politicians that act on their 'animal instincts'. In the forest we have animals like the 'Lappe, Tatoo, Agouti, Mannicou' and others. Wild meat ! With rum and callaloo on a Sunday we cud have a good lunch if they come close to attacking. We don't have to prove chivalry. We could protect the woman if we were stupid enough to take them in the bush for privacy.

Thank God, we don't have real Lions here in 'sweet TnT'. We never have to make choices that affect us like the one made by that gentleman. The decisions we make affect people around us in many ways. As an example,  take the politicians we have in Trinidad and Tobago. They never cease to surprise me and I am sure the rest of the country. In many ways they are like the Lion that devoured that hapless lady her friend left in the bushes. One gets the feeling that as soon as they get into office their thought process is like that of the Lion - waiting for a prey. The corruption is subtle in some areas but brazen in other areas of the society and government. One gets the feeling that they are constantly  trying to devour the people. In other words they are there to “eat ah food” and leave. The corruption is all over you like clinging clothes on a very humid day... nothing but pure exploitation. Total and downright ineptitude; they are fake Lions but the outcome is the same - they will devour you! To compound the situation they invite their friends to “ eat ah piece ah food” then they leave.

These fake Lions roar and try to frighten or fool the  people. I don't see or sense any sacrifice made by politicians but they continue to made their false promises. I don't see them sacrificing for the greater good. I don't see any form of reflection. All I see are families sacrificing, every day, to make a brighter day for they children. I guess it is good to be the King of the Jungle especially when the rewards fill their pockets with illegally obtained bounty!

Reflect on this day on the greater good and ensure that your shared sacrifices are for the greater good and not to fulfill your selfish desires...Yuh think it easy !!

This article came from the neurons of my friend Sandopc. It was my pleasure to bring his thoughts to you here on this blog - Santiwah.


dorrick nurse on March 29, 2013 at 5:08 PM said...

Great article Sando. It ties in very nicely with the holy week, and the blackout experienced in T&T this morning. Like the lady in your story, the people in T&T are helpless to those ravishing lions, we call politicians.

Santiwah on March 29, 2013 at 11:40 PM said...

But DB what politics have to do with the blackout? Like yuh know something that we don't!





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